Blackjack Perfect Pairs: A Non-Perfect Bet

Jackpots and big payouts have a special allure in the casino world because they give players the opportunity to earn big money instantly. Of course, with the chance to win big payouts also comes a high house edge, which is certainly the case with the blackjack perfect pairs game. This being said, let’s further dissect the blackjack perfect pairs bet, and examine why it isn’t a very good wager to make.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs Rules

If you’re familiar with normal blackjack rules, then you should have little trouble adjusting to blackjack perfect pairs. You play blackjack just like normal, except the twist is that you also have the option to make a perfect pairs bet on the side. Your perfect pairs bet must be worth the minimum wager, and you’ll also have to make a normal bet too. For example, if you were making $5 bets, one $5 wager would go on the outcome of your regular hand, and the other $5 bet would be placed on the perfect pairs outcome.

To win a perfect pairs bet, you have to get a pair just like the name suggests. But the payout you receive all depends on the specific pair you get. Here is a look at what would happen if you got a pair of jacks in the following fashions:

Mixed color and suits (Js-Jh) = 5:1 payout
Same color, mixed suits (Js-Jc) = 10:1 payout
Perfect pair, which is same color, same suit (Js-Js) = 30:1 payout

Keep in mind that it doesn’t really matter what color or suit your perfect pair comes in, so long as it’s the same suit.

Why Perfect Pairs is a Bad Bet

While some people might find perfect pairs to be a fun side wager, you should be fair warned that the house edge is 6% on these bets. This being said, a perfect pairs bet is one of the higher ones you’ll find in the casino – though it’s not quite the highest. So from a long-term standpoint, you should avoid making the perfect pairs bet if you want to be profitable over the long-run.

However, those who think that a perfect pairs bet adds a lot of fun to the game should not be afraid to place this wager once and a while. After all, when you include the 0.5%-1.0% house edge you could be facing in the normal blackjack hands, this sort of balances out how high the perfect pairs wager is. Of course, you could just stick with the normal blackjack bets the whole time, and not be expose to the 6% house edge at all.

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